The Benefits Of Reiki For Cancer Patients

Reiki is a type of energy healing that was founded in Japan but is now found all over the globe. It can be used for a wide range of ailments, from depression to IBS. However, there is one group of people, in particular, who can benefit from reiki healing: cancer patients. As a cancer patient, you should not give up your doctor’s recommended treatment for reiki. However, you should consider adding reiki healing to your treatment plan.

Customer Service Industry? CPR Certification May Help You Get Promoted To Manager

If you are in the customer service industry and are looking for ways to bolster your chances of getting promoted to a managerial position, it’s a good idea to get a CPR certification from a reputable health association. Here are several benefits of having a CPR certification when you are trying to get promoted and how to get your certification. Benefits of Having a CPR Certification The most profound benefit of having a CPR certification is being able to save someone’s life should you ever be faced with someone going into cardiac arrest in your presence or nearby.

Which Natural Hormones Affect Your Ability To Lose Weight?

When you have the desire to lose weight, you may be advised to eat healthier and get more exercise. However, there are other factors that can also impact weight loss. The body produces many different hormones that can also determine how successful one is at losing weight. These are some of the natural hormones that affect your ability to lose weight. Insulin Insulin is a natural hormone that is produced by the pancreas.

Three Top Health Issues That Affect Women and How to Manage Them

While most people might argue that health is a generic topic, your biological makeup usually impacts how your body deals with various health issues. The information available about the different health needs for men and women increases each day. Currently, women know more about their unique health needs than before, and this information is instrumental in preventive health care. Here are the top health issues affecting women and how to manage them for a healthy and comfortable life.