How To Make It Through A Colonoscopy Prep

A colonoscopy is a procedure that tests for colon cancer. If your doctor has advised you to schedule a colonoscopy, you may feel nervous. You might have heard unpleasant things about the procedure and not know what to expect. You also have to go through a prep stage. However, if you prepare properly, the process may go smoother.

Here are some tips to make it through a colonoscopy prep.

Eat Less Fiber Before Your Colonoscopy

Contrary to popular belief, you will want to eat less fiber the days before your colonoscopy procedure. Fiber is more difficult for your body to digest, and you have to get everything out before your procedure. Avoid eating whole grain bread, beans, berries, avocados, apples, and other foods with high amounts of fiber.

Consume the Colonoscopy Prep Laxative Cold

Before your colonoscopy procedure, you will be required to drink a colonoscopy prep laxative. Since you have to consume a lot at once, you may feel nauseous. To make the experience a little less unpleasant, you should try drinking the laxative cold and through a straw.

Plan to Stay Home

On the day of your colonoscopy prep, you will have to go to the bathroom a lot. As such, you should take the day off work and avoid going anywhere. You will want to be near your bathroom at all times. If you have small children, you should consider asking a family member or friend to watch them.

Stock Up on Liquids

The day before your colonoscopy, you can't consume solid foods. Therefore, you should stock up on several liquids beforehand. Since drinking water all day can get boring, you may want to purchase other liquids, such as Gatorade, tea, and clear broth.

Get Bathroom Entertainment

Since you will be in the bathroom for a good portion of the day, you want to have plenty of entertainment options. Otherwise, it can get very boring. Put several books and magazines in the bathroom. You may also consider listening to music or podcasts on your mobile device.

Understand That You Won't Feel Discomfort

The idea of the actual colonoscopy procedure may seem scary. However, you should know that you will be sedated during the procedure and will not feel a thing.

If you follow these helpful tips, preparing for a colonoscopy should be a lot easier. If you have additional questions, you should get in touch with your doctor. For more information, contact a company like Gastro Health.