Customer Service Industry? CPR Certification May Help You Get Promoted To Manager

If you are in the customer service industry and are looking for ways to bolster your chances of getting promoted to a managerial position, it's a good idea to get a CPR certification from a reputable health association. Here are several benefits of having a CPR certification when you are trying to get promoted and how to get your certification.

Benefits of Having a CPR Certification

The most profound benefit of having a CPR certification is being able to save someone's life should you ever be faced with someone going into cardiac arrest in your presence or nearby. The odds of this are particularly a risk since you are in the customer service industry and, therefore, interact with many people while working. Aside from gaining the knowledge to save lives with CPR, a CPR certification can show that you care about the people you serve and their well-being—which is the epitome of being customer-service-oriented and may help you get promoted to a managerial position. 

Also, you can help the employer save money on liability insurance premiums. Many insurance companies provide discounts to businesses in the customer-service industry when they have managers and other staff who are CPR certified through the American Heart Association and/or the American Red Cross. The reason for this discount is because the CPR training adheres strictly to the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

Obtain CPR Certification & Stay Updated

To obtain a CPR certification for a non-healthcare professional through one of these associations, you will need to go through training which can be completed in one afternoon. There are different types of classes available, including in the classroom and online, so you'll want to be sure to schedule the appropriate class to meet your needs as well as your time constraints. After you've taken the training, your certification will be good for two years, at which point you will need to recertify in order for your certification to be up-to-date. To recertify, you simply need to take another class to check up on your knowledge.

Since two years is a long time to retain vital information that can help save someone's life, there are refresher classes and kiosks that are available as well which you can utilize at your convenience. You can get a list of the available kiosks when you go through your training to get your CPR certification through the American Heart Association