3 Keys To A Healthier Pregnancy

Whether you just found out you are pregnant or are planning to start a family, the sooner you focus on your health, the better chance you have of experiencing a safe and healthy pregnancy. There are three major considerations that influence you and your baby throughout pregnancy. Supplements Ideally, women of child-bearing age should always take at minimum a multivitamin. If you plan to become pregnant, you may want to switch to a prenatal vitamin.

Ready To Lose Weight? 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Whether you have a few pounds to lose before a special event or you need to reduce your weight in more dramatic numbers, starting a weight loss program is key. Of course, all weight loss programs are not created equal, but proper understanding can help. If you are ready to lose weight, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid. Not Consulting Your Doctor One of the worst mistakes you can make is not talking with your doctor before starting a weight loss program of any kind.

3 Ways To Reduce Back Pain Without Medication

When you have ongoing back pain, finding a way to reduce the problem without using medication or at least avoiding an increase in the medication you use is best. There are several strategies to reduce back pain that do not involve medication. Weight Management In some instances, chronic back pain can be the result of or increased by excess weight, especially if you generally carry excess weight around the abdomen. This extra weight can pull your spine forward and increase stress on your back muscles.

3 Common Ankle Injuries: Which One Is Plaguing You?

Does your ankle hurt? Most people are quick to say they have a sprained or strained ankle at the first sign of ankle pain, but in fact, not all ankle pain is due to a sprain. There are actually four common ankle injuries, and it’s important to figure out which one you’re really dealing with so you can seek the proper ankle injury treatment. Achilles Bursitis The Achilles tendon is that large tendon that runs down the back of your ankle, connecting your calf to your heel.

Three Things to Know About Men's Hair Restoration

Losing hair is something that many men deal with at some point in their lifetimes. In fact, over 50 million men in the US deal with some amount of hair loss. Hair loss is genetic and for some men can start in their twenties. It’s something that commonly happens with age. While many men embrace their hair loss, others seek to stop it in its tracks. There are plenty of men’s hair restoration treatments available that can help.

3 Life-Changing Reasons For Seeking Help From A Psychiatrist For Mental Problems

Although you can’t see them, mental problems can be just as severe as medical issues. Anxiety, depression, and panic disorders are just some mental conditions that are on the rise today. If you’re looking for an effective treatment, consider seeing a psychiatrist. They can help in so many impactful ways.  Provide Insight On the Disorder  Not knowing why you feel a certain way mentally can be scary. To gain some insight and have the tools to better tackle a mental disorder, though, you can get assistance from an experienced psychiatrist.

Signs That You May Have A Serious Knee Condition

Many people never really realize how essential the knees are to the overall functioning of the body until a serious injury occurs. You need your knees to stand, walk, run, crouch, and put your body into a number of other positions. If you’ve been living with knee pain for some time you may have become so used to the dull ache that you don’t really consider the fact that you might have a serious condition on your hands.

4 Tips to Manage Your Asthma During the Winter

When the air gets colder and the temperature drops, it is often difficult for those who suffer from asthma to keep their condition under control. The cold air causes the body to increase mucus production. At the same time, the dryness of the air irritates the airways. The combination results in breathing difficulty. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do this winter to reduce your risk of asthma attacks while also managing your asthma symptoms.

Breast Density And Mammograms: What You Should Know

Breast might look relatively the same on the surface, but under the surface, the makeup of breasts vary greatly from person to person. If you’ve had a mammogram in the past, one area of difference you may have discovered is density. However, you might not have the right idea about what density is, or no idea at all. Learn more about breast density and how it affects your mammograms.  Breast Density