Signs That You May Have A Serious Knee Condition

Many people never really realize how essential the knees are to the overall functioning of the body until a serious injury occurs. You need your knees to stand, walk, run, crouch, and put your body into a number of other positions. If you've been living with knee pain for some time you may have become so used to the dull ache that you don't really consider the fact that you might have a serious condition on your hands. The information below should give you a better idea of whether or not you need to seek out medical help to determine if your knees are in bad shape.

You Can't Fully Straighten Your Leg

Here is a simple exercise that you can try to see if your knees are working as they are supposed to:  While sitting down in a chair, lift your leg straight out in front of you. The leg should be parallel to the floor and pointing forward. If you attempt to do this exercise but find that no matter how hard you try you're not able to fully straighten out the leg, your knees could be the culprit.

The knee supports the leg while it is held in an outward position. As you are trying to get your leg to point forward you may notice pain in your knee area that makes it difficult for you to achieve the perfectly straight leg that you're after. Going to a medical professional and letting them know about your symptoms could be the start of a journey to wholeness.

There Is More Movement In The Knee Than There Should Be

Too much movement in the knee area can also be a sign of serious trouble. Your knees are supposed to be stable but if the kneecap is out of place you could find it difficult to gain your footing when you're doing something as simple as walking across the room for a glass of water.

It's hard to feel secure when you aren't sure of how your knee is going to react. It's best to let a doctor have a look at your leg so they can possibly diagnose an issue and get you treated immediately.

Knee surgery can be a wonderful way for you to regain your ability to use your knees in a functional manner. Don't be afraid to seek professional assistance, such as at Omaha Orthopedic Clinic & Sports Medicine PC, so you're finally able to enjoy greater mobility.