Tips To Transition Your Parent Into Assisted Memory Care

An Alzheimer's disease or dementia diagnosis is never easy and as the child or caregiver of an ailing senior, you want to ensure that your loved one receives the care they need. An assisted memory care facility is the ideal environment because it has the cognitive assistance, social interactions, and specialized care that your parent or loved one needs. If you are planning the move to a memory care facility with your parent, here are a few tips to help make the transition easier.

Research Memory Care Facilities in Your Area

Do your homework and research the memory care facilities in your area. While you are researching, consider your parent's level of need, the monthly costs, if the rooms are private or semi-private, and how much daily assistance your parent or loved one will receive.

Consider your parent's dietary needs, the level of security available — which is a consideration if your parent becomes confused and tries to leave the facility — and the number of staff members that are present.

Schedule a Tour of the Facility

After you narrow down your options, tour the facility with your parent or loved one, if possible. This will make the transition easier if your parent is able to see the amenities available. Prior to the tour, make a list of all your parent's needs and determine if the staff-to-patient ratio, the amenities, and security will work for your parent. Ask to tour the rooms, common areas, and therapy rooms.

Help Your Parent or Loved One Pack

Ask the memory care facility to provide a comprehensive list of items your parent or loved one will need before moving. In addition to these items — which will include clothing, toiletries, small pieces of furniture, and your parent's bedding — pack some items that will make your parent or loved one feel at home. This could include photos, items your parent will need to enjoy their favorite hobby, and other decorative pieces.

If you aren't sure how much to pack, ask the memory care facility to provide a floorplan of the room, including dimensions.

Choose the Ideal Time to Help Your Loved One Move  

Pick an ideal date and time of the day to make the final move. Remind your parent that the time is approaching and help them work through any fears or anxieties. If your parent becomes more confused or tired during the evening hours, consider moving your parent during the morning while they are more energized.

With the right plan and some patience, you can make your parent or loved one's transition into a memory care facility as seamless as possible. Contact a memory care facility to learn more.