PRP Injections Might Be The Solution For Your Lower Back Pain

If you've been experiencing lower back pain and you can't get relief with the usual treatments, or you just prefer a more natural type of treatment, talk to your doctor about PRP injections. These injections stimulate the growth of healthy tissue. They're used for a number of medical and cosmetic procedures, including the treatment of lower back pain. Here's how these injections work for back pain.

The Injections Use Your Own Platelets For Healing

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood, which is one reason the treatments are safe and more natural than some other types of injections you might try for your back pain. Your blood is drawn during the same appointment as your injection.

The blood sample is put in a centrifuge so it can be spun to separate the components of your blood. The part used for your injection is plasma with a high concentration of platelets put back in.

The Injections Target Damaged Tissues

PRP injections work by stimulating healing in damaged tissues. Platelets work all the time in your blood to heal wounds and repair tissues. By concentrating the platelets and injecting them in a specific area, the healing effect can be more pronounced.

When you get PRP injections for your back pain, the doctor may use an ultrasound or X-ray machine to help guide the needle to the injured area. If you get the injection around your spine, the doctor will probably use X-ray guidance for the best precision.

Recovery From PRP Injections Is Fast

You might be allowed to resume most of your usual activities right away. However, if your back injury is recent, your doctor might recommend rest so the tissues can heal properly. Your doctor will provide you with recovery instructions so you get the best results from your injection.

You might have soreness in your back after the injection. One reason for this is that platelets signal repair by causing inflammation, and this can result in soreness. Your doctor may advise you to avoid taking anti-inflammatory pain medication so you don't interfere with the healing process.

You Might Need Multiple Treatments

These injections might help with ligament, disc, tendon, and joint repair. It takes time for the tissues to repair themselves, so the effect may be gradual and require multiple injections.

You might notice an improvement in pain right away or it might take a little longer to feel the effects. Also, not all types of back pain are suited for PRP injections, so you'll need an evaluation by a doctor to determine if these injections are right for you.

If you have more questions, contact a doctor that offers PRP injections.