Opioid Addiction Treatments

It is an unfortunate reality that opioid addiction is a major problem throughout the country. Individuals that are finding themselves faced with this addiction can face severe consequences as a result of this addiction. A prevalence of misinformation about opioid addiction can lead to individuals being unprepared to take back control.

Myth: Individuals Mostly Become Addicted To Opioids Through Street Drugs

Sadly, many individuals that find themselves addicted to opioids will have started this problem as a result of medications that were prescribed by their doctors. Due to the fact that these powerful painkillers are often prescribed, individuals may fail to adequately appreciate the power of these drugs. While individuals may assume that street drugs are the source of this addiction, it is more common for this to be the option that is used when it is no longer possible to get a prescription.

Myth: Beating Addiction Is Only A Matter Of Will Power

While you may have the intense desire to stop taking opioids, it should be noted that there is more to overcome this problem than willpower. The withdrawal symptoms of opioids can be extremely severe, and patients may need professional help as they are working through this aspect of the recovery process. In addition to monitoring, these professionals can administer non-addictive medications that will lessen the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms in the patient, and there may be physical therapy treatments that will reduce the intensity of the pain.

Myth: Pain Management Will Always Involve Opioids

Chronic pain can be another source of addiction to these medications as patients with this problem may need to take pain medicine for an extended period of time. For individuals that are recovering from this addiction, it can be easy to assume that these medications are the only option that will effectively manage their pain symptoms. Yet, it is possible for your doctor to work with you to create a treatment program that will allow you to avoid taking opioids while enjoying non addictive opioid relief from your pain symptoms.

Myth: Outpatient Therapy Provides Few Benefits To Opioid Addiction Patients

Outpatient therapy can be an instrumental part of helping individuals to successfully overcome addiction. During these treatment sessions, the patient will be able to discuss any problems, temptations or other issues that they have experienced. By discussing the times when you were feeling the most temptation to relax, your therapist will be able to help you develop the mental skills to neutralize these temptations before they can be overwhelming.