3 Practical Tips When Preparing For Your Abortion

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is never an easy one, but once you have decided an abortion is what makes the most sense for your situation you need to know what to expect. Following these tips will ensure you are prepared and that the day of your appointment goes as smoothly as possible:

Have a Plan for Resting Afterward

After a surgical abortion, you may experience mild cramping and pain, and will likely feel tired and a bit woozy. It is a good idea to plan on taking the rest of the day, and possibly the next day, off from work or school so that you can rest and recuperate. You may also feel emotionally drained, so be sure to create a calm, soothing, restful place to relax.

Depending on your living situation, this may mean cleaning your apartment, prepping plenty of healthy snacks and setting out your favorite soft pajamas. In other cases, it may be a good idea to go to a nice hotel for the night, especially if you have a lot of family members or roommates around and would prefer to rest in privacy.

Arrange the Logistics

You will, at a minimum, need someone to drive you home from your appointment since you will be on anesthesia. For some women, it is also important to have a supportive partner or friend bring them to their appointment and hang out in the waiting room during it to ensure emotional support before and after your procedure. If possible, pick up your prescription painkillers ahead of time, so that you already have them on hand when leaving your appointment and can take one before the anesthesia totally wears off. 

Ask About Protesters

Even if you are completely certain about your decision, being greeted at your appointment by shouting protestors holding gruesome signs is not a pleasant experience and will only make a difficult day even more difficult. Your clinic will be able to tell you which days and times are the least likely to attract a lot of protestors, and they may also offer a volunteer escort to walk you into the clinic safely. If there are protestors present, avoid engaging them in any way, and instead just walk quickly into the clinic.

By following these tips and knowing what to expect on the day of your appointment, you will get through this complicated time with much more ease and grace. Contact a clinic, like Aaron Women’s Center Houston, for more help.