Ways To Limit Your Risk Of Falling When You Have Osteoporosis

The weakening of your bones, which you experience when you develop osteoporosis, means that you must be extremely careful to avoid falling. A seemingly innocent fall that wouldn't affect most people can be devastating when you have osteoporosis, and a simple fall may result in you having to give up your home and move into a care facility. Although you can't always eliminate every risk of falling, you can take a number of steps to dramatically lower this risk. Here are some simple things that you can do that will hopefully keep you from falling.

Changes In Your Home

There are several changes that you should make around your home to reduce your risk of a fall when you have osteoporosis. Installing railings in hallways, grab bars in the bathroom, and anti-slip pads on slippery floors can all help to give you more stability as you navigate your home. You should also think about decluttering each room. Doing so will remove excess furniture and other items that can trip you up and lead to a serious fall. Outside your home, grip tape on your steps or the addition of a ramp up to your front door can be valuable changes to make.

Changes For Yourself

You can also make some changes to your attire that can help you stay upright. Making sure that your pants fit correctly might not immediately seem like an anti-fall tip, but the reality is that if your cuffs are too long, you can step on them and fall. As your age and your weight changes, you should always make sure that your clothing fits you properly. Similarly, you should visit the eye doctor regularly to ensure that your eyeglass prescription is suitable for your eyesight. If you have trouble seeing, you might miss a step and take a fall.

Changes When You're Out

When you leave your home, fall prevention should be a priority. Try to stay inside when it's snowy or icy in the winter, as these conditions can increase your risk of falling on the sidewalk or in a parking lot. You may wish to use an assistive device such as a walker or a cane when you're in public, though traveling with a sturdy family member who can take your arm and provide support can also be valuable. Try to avoid getting distracted by the environment to the point that you miss a stair or fail to notice a wet floor. By making these changes, you can reduce your risk of falling and sustaining a broken bone due to your osteoporosis.

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