First Prenatal Visit: 3 Questions For New Dads To Ask

You'll never forget the day that your partner told you she was pregnant, and you are eager to welcome your little one to the world. Yet, you can't help but be nervous about all that will happen over the next nine months. It's also hard to believe how protective you already feel about your partner and her growing tummy. The great news is that you can play a big role in your partner's pregnancy, and arriving at that first prenatal visit with a few questions prepared will help you feel more confident about taking care of everything before your little one's arrival.

What Lifestyle Changes Do I Need To Make?

During pregnancy, your partner will be encouraged to live as healthy of a lifestyle as possible, and there are obvious things she will need to avoid such as alcohol. However, there are some changes that new dads have to make to help with pregnancy care. For instance, you might need to give up smoking at least around your partner, although quitting completely is best since it'll help you avoid exposing the baby to third hand smoke on your clothes once they arrive. If you work with toxic chemicals, lead or other dangerous substances, then you might mention this to the doctor as well since coming into contact with contaminated materials could affect your partner's pregnancy.

Are There Warning Signs I Can Watch For?

First pregnancies sometimes inspire many fears, and it is normal to be worried about which changes are normal. Ask your partner's obstetrician what major warning signs signal a problem big enough to go to the emergency room. For instance, bleeding or cramping in early pregnancy typically require a visit to the doctor to rule out miscarriage.

How Can I Support My Partner?

Throughout the next nine months, you will share many highs and lows in your relationship as you adjust emotionally to the idea of being new parents. Ask your partner's doctor for ideas regarding the birth plan and ways that you can help soothe those early pregnancy symptoms. For instance, your partner's doctor might suggest that you attend childbirth classes together, or they may give you some ideas about how to combat morning sickness.

Getting ready for a new baby is exciting, and you want to make sure to take the right first steps as a new dad. By beginning with asking the right questions at your first prenatal visit, you can proceed into this new territory with the knowledge you need to support your partner through her pregnancy.