3 Issues With Your Hearing Aid You Should Talk To Your Specialist About

Wearing a hearing aid can greatly improve your quality of life. With an aid in place you can hear conversations, the television, and outdoor noises with better clarity. You can also gain control over how loud your surroundings are, effectively using your hearing aid volume like you would a TV remote. Your specialist who fits you with your device has your best interests in mind and wants to make sure you choose a model that is comfortable, allows you to hear at your best, and is easy to care for. If you run into any of the following issues, make sure you bring them up to your specialist so they can re-evaluate the fit and style of the device you are using.


Many modern hearing aids are made to go in the inner ear with transparent attachments that are almost invisible to the eye. If your hearing aid is dated and easily seen and it makes you feel like you stand out, then you may want to talk to your specialist about an upgrade. They can help you work with your insurance company in paying for a new one as well. Before you are fitted for a new hearing aid in a modern design your specialist will want to give you a hearing checkup to make sure your natural recognized decibels and auditory needs will be met with a different style.


Your device may have been perfectly comfortable when you first got it but may be uncomfortable now. The reasons for this can vary, including natural muscle loss due to age or having teeth pulled (which contorts the cheek muscles that support the ear) to weight loss or gain. If your hearing aid feels too loose or is becoming difficult to remove at night, then you will want to have the mechanism re-fitted by your specialist for better comfort.

Echos or tinny noises

If you hear an echo or a tinny noise when you use your hearing aid, especially if you have not tampered with your device or had the decibels changed on it, then talk to your hearing aid specialist about this concern. Your aid may need to be readjusted for better clarity or may need to be replaced due to age. If your device is still under warranty you can get repairs (if needed) made on it with little or no cost to you. You may need to get another hearing exam as part of the fitting process to check for any increased hearing loss issues.

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