Simple Tips to Help Ease Sinus Infection Discomfort

When mucus gets trapped in a person's sinuses, it creates an environment that encourages infections. This then leads to an always-worsening cold, extreme headaches, a smelly nose discharge, and constant pain and pressure around the face area. What's worse is that, unlike common cold symptoms, these symptoms never get better with time.

The good news is that there are simple tips that can help make discomfort from a sinus infection bearable. Here is what you should know.

Stay hydrated                         

Drinking plenty of fluids will help reduce the amount of irritation around your sinuses. There is also the fact that using warm fluids, such as herbal tea, helps clear the nasal opening, something that then increases the efficiency with which mucus gets drained from the sinuses. This helps to keep the infection from getting worse and is, therefore, something that you should definitely do when suffering from a sinus infection.

While drinking fluids is advisable, it is important to note that not all fluids are great for relieving sinus infection discomfort. A good example is alcohol. Drinking beer and wine will leave your body dehydrated. This will then increase rate of irritation around the sinus area. The swelling that results from this irritation will then encourage mucus to collect around this area, something that will then worsen your condition.

Use a hot towel

The heat from a hot towel will dissolve mucus from the sinus area. It will help increase the drainage efficiency of your nasal passages, something that will then help reduce the intensity of the infection. There is also the fact that breathing in the steam from the hot towel will keep the lining of the sinuses moist. This then goes a long way towards reducing irritation and swelling around the area.

If you have a sinus infection, you can always use a hot towel to lessen the pain from the infection. Simply place the towel over your face and periodically inhale the steam from the towel. Doing this regularly should be enough to ease the pain and pressure around your eyes.

Avoid swimming

When chlorinate water gets into the nasal passageways, it causes irritation. This then causes swelling that then worsens the efficiency with which mucus is drained away from the sinuses.

Swimming introduces chlorinated water into the passageways. Avoiding taking a swim will therefore help reduce the amount of discomfort that comes with a sinus infection. And if you must swim, wearing a nose clip is advisable.