Protecting Your Students From Bee Stings When Weather Gets Warm

If you are a teacher and you have several students under your care each day, making sure they remain safe while in class is one of your most important tasks. When weather warms up, bees will be present, making it important to take steps in minimizing the chance of one of your students getting injured. Here are some steps you can take to keep your students safe from the possibility of bee stings.

Know The Signs Of An Allergy

It is extremely important to be on the lookout for a student who shows signs of a bee sting allergy. This would include difficulty breathing, difficulty with motor skills, red or swollen skin, numbness of the skin, or loss of consciousness. If a student gets stung by a bee, it is best to have them see the school nurse immediately. It is also a good idea to contact the student's caretaker to find out if they know if they are allergic to bees. If you are aware that one of your students has an allergy, ask their caretaker to send allergy medicine to the school so the school nurse can administer it in an emergency situation.

Use The Scent Of Peppermint To Deter Bees

Bees tend to stay away from the smell of peppermint. Consider keeping a few peppermint plants inside your classroom to aid in keeping bees from coming inside. These can be positioned near windows so if you open one to allow air in the classroom, bees flying around outside will be less likely to try to gain entry into the room. A peppermint spray can also be helpful in eliminating the possibility of a bee problem. Spray the exterior window frames as well as around your classroom door to keep the enclosed area bee-free.

Protect Children With Alternate Play And Study Areas

If you spend a portion of your day outdoors with your students, it is a good idea to do an evaluation of the school's property beforehand to make sure there are no hives or nests present where students could be in close proximity to bees. If you do notice an area where bees are present, avoid it until a pest control service can be called to eradicate the pests. Consider bringing the students via bus to a local playground or to explore a museum or zoo if the school grounds are not safe for play and study time outdoors. An indoor activity can also be substituted for outdoor play until the problem is removed. 

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