4 Services Provided By At Home Healthcare Agencies

If you have a loved one who is no longer able to live independently, you have likely considered assisted living facilities or nursing homes. However, if your loved one is still mostly independent but could benefit from assistance with daily tasks, at home healthcare may be a better option. Here is an explanation of the services that at home healthcare agencies provide to help you make the best choice for your loved one.


Many seniors would still be capable of living on their own if they had just a little help around the home. At home healthcare agencies can help by providing assistance with cleaning, laundry, bathing and dressing, and many other daily tasks. This will take the frustration out of your loved one's daily routine and allow him or her to continue living the lifestyle they enjoy.

Extended periods of standing and handling hot pots and pans can make cooking one of the most difficult tasks for seniors who are living on their own. One of the greatest benefits of at home healthcare is that your loved one will have an assistant to help with every meal preparation throughout the day. Additionally, the assistant will help your loved one with creating a meal plan to ensure they are eating a nutritionally balanced diet.

Bill Management

When the challenge of keeping track of bills and payments becomes too much to manage, many turn to children or other family members for assistance. This poses a problem for independent seniors whose closest family members do not live nearby.

At home healthcare agents can come to your loved one's home and help them with budgeting, file keeping, making payments, and many other tasks related to bill management, saving them the stress of sudden service interruptions when a payment is missed.

Shopping and Transportation

Many seniors who are capable of managing their home independently are still not comfortable with the risk of driving. According to a study by the RAND corporation, drivers 65 and older are 16 percent more likely to cause a traffic accident than drivers between the ages of 25 and 65. At home healthcare agents can eliminate this risk by providing transportation to doctor's offices, grocery stores, religious services, and virtually anywhere else locally that your loved one needs to go.

For simple tasks like grocery shopping or picking up medication, at home healthcare agents can provide deliveries to your loved one's door. This allows your loved one to stay in the comfort and safety of their home while still receiving the items they need.

Medical Care

At home healthcare agencies employ qualified nurses, therapists, and aides that can provide your loved one with advanced medical care at home. This includes a wide range of services from tasks as simple as sorting medications to first aid, wound treatment, IV administration and more. With at home healthcare, you can be sure your loved one's health is being carefully monitored and attended to 24/7.

One of the most beneficial medical services that at home healthcare professionals can provide is therapy for Alzheimer's and dementia. Care providers will allow your loved ones to continue living with as much independence as possible, promote activities that help to stave off mental deterioration, and make sure that they never miss their medication.

At home healthcare has allowed many seniors to continue living a healthy lifestyle, even when family is not available to help with their care. Consider at home healthcare for your loved one so they can get the care and assistance they deserve without the stress of transitioning to a nursing home or assisted living facility.